How we get paid


The terms of our retainer are based upon a contingency fee calculated at a rate of 30% plus hst and disbursements less any contribution toward your costs made by the insurer for the at fault party. Typically the insurer will contribute 15% plus hst and disbursements and we factor this in before we calculate our fee. In the event there is no settlement for any reason our normal practice is not to charge our client for any expenses incurred by the firm in connection with the litigation and to provide a complete copy of client’s file at no charge.

If we are retained to represent you we will provide you with a brochure from the Law Society called “Contingency fees: What you Need to Know”. At that time we are more than willing to discuss the terms of our retainer with you in detail and answer any questions you may have about Contingency Fees or the Contingency Fee Agreement.

Lisa Morell Kelly –
Morell Kelly Professional Corporation