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Have you been injured in a Slip/Trip and Fall Accident due to someone else’s negligence in Kitchener Waterloo?


Common Slip/Trip and Fall Hazards


These include the following:

  • Ice or snow in parking lots
  • Ice or snow on outside stairwells
  • Leaves or other hazards on outside stairwells
  • Spilled liquids around public areas
  • Uneven walkways in public pedestrian areas
  • A fall that is the result of incomplete or incorrect maintenance and upkeep

Most slip/trip and fall accidents occur while out in public areas either indoors or outside in pedestrian areas that have not been adequately kept to ensure your safety.

If you have been injured in a slip/trip and fall accident there are some steps you should take immediately:

Take photos of the area where you fell, or if you are unable have a friend or family member take some photos on your behalf.

If you fall on municipal or city property, they need to be notified of your fall and injury right away. The law has very strict timelines that require you to give a city or municipality notice right away of your injuries and the details of your accident.

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