Facing Increased Insurance Premiums

When faced with the prospect of increased premiums there are two issues that come to mind. One is insurance fraud and the other is the increasing costs of litigation i.e. lawyer’s fees. With respect to insurance fraud, while it certainly does occur it is not as rampant as people may think. Insurers have become more pro-active in terms of investigating and denying fraudulent claims. As in many cases involving civil fraud or the property rights of private citizens involved in a civil dispute the police are often reluctant to investigate as it is thought to be a matter more appropriate resolution in the civil courts. This means that persons without police training are put in a position where they are relied upon to investigate claims and determine if they are legitimate claims. This can be extremely problematic as the court imposes draconian consequences in cases where allegations of fraud are made and are ultimately unfounded both in terms of costs and in terms of damage awards for punitive damages and bad faith claims.

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